In 1998, Dr. V.G.Mohan Prasad was the Deputy governor for Rotary Dist. 3200, hewanted to launch a vaccination project for children of 12 revenue districts, 3from Tamil Nadu and 9 from Kerala. At that time the cost of Hepatitis Bvaccine was Rs 750 an adult dose and Rs 350 for a pediatric dose. He wantedto vaccinate 100,000 children, hence 300,000 doses of vaccines required forthe project. But the vaccine cost was unaffordable for the masses. Dr.V.G.M spoke personally to Padma BushanDr.Varaprasad Reddy, Chairman ofShantaBiotechnique and he was kind enough to reduce the cost of vaccineto Rs 30 per dose, just over a phone call. This project was Successfullycompleted with 300,000 doses administered within a duration of 10 months.This paved the way for reduction of Hepatitis B vaccine cost in the country,all pharma companies forced to reduce the sale price of HB Vaccine.


In 2010, Dr. V.G.Mohan Prasad conducted a Hepatitis B awareness programme on the world Hepatitis day. Chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore Kendra, B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavaryar launched the campaign and distributed copies of the newspaper pasted with handbills that contained a list of the various diseases or lifestyle factors that contribute to liver problems


In 2011, on World Hepatitis Day, a arathon rally on awareness of Hepatitis was conducted. Former Minister Thiru Pongalur Palanisamy started the rally


In 2012 Dr.Mohan Prasad conducted a Hepatitis B awarenessprogramme on the World Hepatitis day, involving 3200 school children and 350 adults in Udumalpet, complying to request fro World Hepatitis Alliance, United Kingdom. This has centered the Guiness World records for the largest number of participants across the world to promote a single cause.

Organised a Rally Semmar on Liver Care at Tirupur involving ore than 500 Rorarians and students


This Year Dr. V.G. Mohan Prasad organized a similar program at Coimbatore in Codissia Hall involving 13,522 children's from college and schools and 1500 adults. The number of participants in this has surpassed the previous year world record and has received the accreditation from Guinness World Records. The aim of the program was to create awareness among children about Liver care. District Collector of Coimbatore and all the participants took an oath against Drugs and Alcohol. Pamphlets were distributed on Hepatitis B and C to all participants. “ Each One Teach Ten “ was the resolution that they all pledged in this program.


Launch of LiverCare Program forOrphan Children

Launch of Program by Hon.K.Rosaiah, Hon.Governor of Tamilnadu.Free Detection of Hepatitis B & C Virus for the ChildrenFree Vaccination of Hepatitis B for all Children.2880 children in 40 orphanages were tested for Hepatitis B and C free of cost.Medical Team from VGM Hospital visted these orphanages and 3 dose vaccination against Hepatitis B was given to 2879 children free of cost. One girl child who was found positive for HBV is on free


Close of the LiverCare Program forOrphan Children

Close of Program by Hon.Sathasivam, Hon.Governor of Kerala. All Orphanages received certificates that the inmates are free from Hep B & C.2880 Children living in 40 Orphanages in and around Coimbatore received the benefits. Book on Liver Diseases including Hepatitis B authored by Dr Mohan Prasad in Tamil entitled “KalleeralEnumKavalan” ( Liver The Protector) was released by His Excellency the Governor


Awareness Program for the inmates of Coimbatore Central Prison Hepatitis B & C Free screening program for 1250 jail inmatesand 643 staff members and visitors of prisonersdone . All those who were tested positive for Chronic Hepatitis B and C were treated and followed up.


In 2017, on World Hepatitis Day, a Marathon rally on Awareness of Hepatitis was Conducted at Coimbatore.About 1000 students participated.


In 2018, on World Hepatitis Day, a Rallyand Seminar on Awareness of Hepatitis B and C was conducted along with Rotary Club of Udamalpet Tejas.1500 students from various schools participated.

International Nash Day at VGM Hospital 2019

Free Hepatitis B Vaccination

Free 3 dose Hepatitis B Vaccination was done for 120 slum children inCoimbatore.

Hepatitis B vaccination

  As a Deputy Governor for the RI District 3200, planned a program called “Rotary against Hepatitis B”.
  Conducted a seminar for the Rotarians in July 1999 on Hepatitis B vaccination .
  This was followed by vaccination of children taken up bythe 96 Rotary Clubs in R.I,District 3200 and 1,00,000 children have beenvaccinated in eleven months from July 1999 to May 2000.
   Has given many lectures on Hepatitis Viruses and the importance ofvaccination in AIR, Doordharshan and to medical and non-medicalaudiences in several platforms over 32 years.
  Creating Awareness on Hepatitis Viruses and their Prevention andvaccination against Hepatitis B along with cine actress Smt. Manoramawas telecast several times in Sun TV, Raj TV ,Vijay TV and JJ TV in 1998.
  Expanding awareness on liver diseases with periodical interviews over thepast 32 years in regional and national newspapers and journals.


  International Multi-center trial of sublingual interferon in ChronicHepatitis B and C.
  National Multi-center Trial of Chronic HBV& Chronic HCVinfectionwith Interferon Therapy.
  International Multi-center trial on pegylated Interferon in patients of Chronic Hepatitis B & Chronic Hepatitis C
  National Multi-center observational study to assess the prevalence of hostand viral genotype of patients with Chronic Hepatitis C & ChronicHepatitis B infection in India.
  International multi-center trial of Tormogens in patients of chronicHepatitis C genotype 1 – Phase IIb study.
  International multi-center trial of Entecavir in patients of chronicHepatitis B.
  International Multi-center trial on HDV(Hepasome derived-vesicle)Interferon in patients of Chronic hepatitis C.
  International multi-center Double blinded, Placebo controlled,randomized study on Hepatitis C Genotype-1 treatment non responderpopulation with Boceprevir plus SOC versus SOC alone.
  International multi-center Double blinded randomized, study on HepatitisC Genotype - 1 & 3 patients with Sofosbovir plus Ribavirin Versus SOC
  International Multi-center study Double blinded randomized study in eAntigen positive and e-Antigen negative HBV patients with TenofovirAlafenamide (TAF) vs TenofovirDisoproxil Fumarate (TDF)

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