Dr. V. G. Mohan Prasad was born of a philanthropic family, from the town of Udumalpet in Tamil Nadu. His grandfather Mr.Balaswamy Chettiar was a fellow of Arts, from Hindu College, Tirunelveli in 1880. Mr.Balasamy Chettiar started the first library in the township and was the first vice chairman of the Udumalpet Municipality in 1905. Mr.Ba1aswamy Chettiar owned agricultural lands to the extent of 1200 acres, in and around Udumalpet at that time and was one of the most respected son of the soil.

His maternal grandfather Mr.Radhakrishnan was an engineer, who graduated from Dublin, Ireland. He was popular as Dublin Radhakrishnan. He was a Professor of Civil Engineering, Guindy Engineering College and was in government service until his retirement.

Prof. Dr. V.G. Mohan Prasad

M.D., D.M.(Gastro), FRCP (E), FCCP, FSGEI, FICP, FASGE Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Therapeutic Endoscopist Founder & Chairman, VGM Gastro Centre, Coimbatore

Mr.Radhakrishan's father was a renowned freedom fighter, Bar-at-law Adhinarayan Chettiar, who took his wife and son Radhakrishnan in 1910 by ship to England during World War I. Bar-at-law Adhinarayana Chettiar was with his wife for 2 years in Dublin. When he came back to India in 1912, he started practising as an attorney at High Court Chennai. Bar-at-law Adhinarayana Chettiar was classmate of the renowned mathematic genius Ramanujan. In fact Ramanujan was treated in his last few months at Bar-at- law Adhinarayana Chettiar's house in Chennai. There are 2 rare photographs of Ramanujan taken in his lifetime which were taken in Adhinarayana Chettiar's house in Chennai. When Mahatma Gandhi started the freedom movement in India, Bar-at-law Adhinarayana Chettiar joined the freedom struggle along with Mahatma Gandhi in 1919.

He was a close associate of the former Governer General of India Rajagopalachari, fondly called Rajaji, whose Jail Diary contains a lot of letters written by him to Adhinarayana Chettiar. He was a member of the Legislative Council of Rajaji's Pre-Independence Ministry. Unfortunately, he never lived to seethe freedom of this country.

Early Life

Dr.V.G.Mohan Prasad was born in Coimbatore in 1958 and was brought up at Udumalpet. Until 3" standard he never learnt English, since the school was a Municipal Elementary School in Udumalpet. He completed his SSLC in 1970 and then joined preuniversity course in St. Joseph's College, Trichy following the footsteps of his father, brother, brother in law and uncle. He was meritoriously selected into the MBBS course in 1975 and was admitted in Stanley Medical College, Chennai. He got transferred to Coimbatore Medical College to stay closer with his family. Dr.V.G.Mohan Prasad has an elder brother and sister, both residing in United States. Elder brother is a Haematologist and Oncologist, and his Sister worked for the Federal Government of United States, Directorate of Employment.

Dr.V.G.Mohan Prasad had the unique distinction of having a natural father, V.Soundararaja Krishnamurthi and a foster father , V.R.B.Gopalrathnam Gupta.His foster father being his father's elder brother. Natural father was a Chemistry Graduate and was a Municipal Vice-Chairman in 1960's. His foster father was a Municipal Chairman and one of the most popular persons in the town, where he stood without a party label and won elections in 1950. He was a great agriculturalist, businessman, philanthropist and was the most respected for his honesty and integrity.

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